Education – Behind the Activism

Our Goals and Objectives: 2012 -2014

Our goals are a synthesis of our educational process, our values and the projects we engage in. In other words, WE LEARN BY DOING !

1. Performing each month for a new social cause.  We are in the process of creating 5 original works that thematically focus on various social issues: (i.e.: Global Warming, Animal Extinction, Pacific Garbage Patch, Poverty, Social Justice, Consumerism/Youth Identity ) These are sponsored by corporations and individuals and performed repeatedly throughout the year.

2. Creating youth workshops that educate, inspire and ignite social action.  Beginning with a 4 part mini-workshop series and culminating with an all day event, we are engaging with and developing our initial group of (20) youth by exploring ideas like: What is social activism, What issues concern you, How can you express those ideas in art and performance.

3. Fostering mentors that work with our youth to give them a voice and tools to use it.  Through networking with Creative Visions Foundation as well as using our Topanga base of activist parents and experts, we will invite mentors to guide the youth in multi-media performance projects, exploring social justice, expand their global visions and learn what they can do in their own back yard.

4. Have our youth create dance, costumes, poetry, films for each event.  Asking the youth to express their creative talent and contributing to the success of Move The World in a practical way is at the heart of this project. Our Tweens/Teens are designing costumes, creating props, editing video, producing our documentaries, managing our Facebook page and rallying for causes.

5. Document our work so others can duplicate our methods in other programs.  From our inception in 2012, all activities have been video documented so that we have a growing archive of our work. Our workshops will also be filmed so we can share our process and encourage others to create their own groups.

6. Be a sustainable organization that funds its work.  In order to function we need to be solvent . We endeavor to acquire corporate sponsorship for each original work . Also we intend to attract funding locally through Kickstarter and individual benefactors, other collaborators and large endowments. On a practical level, our creative ideas,props and methods seek to be made from recycled materials with earth sustainability in mind and practice.